Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What is the etiquette of mobiles in meetings?

A new article on BBC News discusses the ethics of using your mobile phone in meetings.
It makes you think - if you're growing your business it is likely you'll be attending more client meetings so do you excuse yourself and answer your mobile, potentially upsetting your client, or let the call ring to voicemail and risk losing the new business?

There is another option.

The Virtual Office is designed for predicaments like this.

For example with a VO Response service you can choose from programmed call options and divert your calls to the receptionists as you enter your meeting and back to your mobile when you finish.
The team of friendly receptionists will know that when they receive calls you are in a meeting and can relay this to your caller.

Or you can divert them to your colleague.

Alternatively you can choose for all calls to answered by the receptionist in your company name, allowing you to screen out sales and provide diaries to prevent disturbances during meetings or times when you just need to concentrate.

The options are virtually endless.

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  1. Thanks for the share. Virtual offices are really good way of saving your resources and gaining many benefits. Thanks again for sharing and more power!

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  2. Isn't it a lovely concept, to think of a 'virtual office', or a 'distributed office' which has no actual physical location, and therefore, no associated costs, like rent, maintenance and lighting and so on and so forth, but instead, has your employees working for you, online. its a pity they had to shut it down.

  3. Great. Its a different concept. Virtual office is really good.