Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Redundancies Keep on Rolling!

Today, we heard the announcement that redundancies in the UK have reached a 12 year high at a staggering 7.2% of the population or 2.26 million people finding themselves out of work. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much sign of this trend stopping anytime soon, with Management Today stating an assumption that another three quarters of a million people will lose their jobs in the coming year.

With thousands of jobseekers vying for a single role in some cases, many who have already been made redundant have opted to try their hand at starting up their own businesses. A Virtual Office can really come in handy for those taking the plunge into the world of the self-employed. A Virtual Office can give you the impression of being more established than you might actually be and provides the perfect platform from which to grow your business by supplying assistance in support areas including post handling, telephone answering, voicemail, hotdesking space and much more. With a prestigious address and a central London telephone number, you can work from anywhere whilst maintaining the impression of a London Presence.

Please contact us whether you are a new start-up looking for a foothold or an established company looking for a way to help reduce your financial burdens; The Virtual Office has options to support all types of business requirements.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Original and the Best!

If you met Richard Nissen, you would probably not instantly guess that he was the mastermind behind developing the Virtual Office Concept in the UK; especially if you tried to ring him on his mobile phone. This is particularly surprising since Richard is responsible for developing the first telephone call handling platform that could fully support flexible working practices by placing calls through to individuals wherever they were.

Richard is the founder and Chairman of The Virtual Office Group and was inspired by American Business Centres he encountered while working in the United States of America in the 1970’s. He brought the idea back to the United Kingdom and started the concept here. Although several other companies have grown and expanded on the original idea, The Virtual Office Group still prides itself in offering the best product available even after all of these years.

Richard Nissen and his relationship to the virtual office concept has been featured in a recent edition of Property Week. Follow this link to view the whole article.