Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New Look for The Virtual Office Group

As spring finally arrives in London, The Virtual Office® Group launches a redesigned website. communicates the message that The Virtual Office® are the original, independent virtual office, serviced office and meeting room provider in London.

This redesign of aims to create a more useable customer experience with true transparency and portray the professionalism and personality of The Virtual Office®.

Do you have any feedback on our achievement of these objectives?
Did you experience any usability problems?

I would be very interested in your responses.


  1. Hi there, all i can say is "Very Nice Website" i think you guys did a great job with the redesign and on the usability i have noticed no problems yet, very straight forward and comfortable to navigate. Two thumbs up!


  2. we understand the needs of each organization we work with are different. That is why we have created several Virtual Office Plans for you to choose from. Choose the plan that works best for your company today and as your business grows you will always have the option of adjusting your program to accommodate your changing needs.

  3. Thank you Alan for your feedback - you can never tell until it's live how usable it will be

  4. You can have a look at the virtual office group. It is a useful post