Thursday, 30 April 2009

Image Is Everything

Last week we talked about how using a Virtual Office can save you money and help when you launch your company as well as during the course of its life. This week, we explore how a Virtual office can give you the impression of a larger and more established company and how that impacts your clients' and potential clients' perception of your business.

Many people are now starting businesses from home to avoid lots of the start up costs, but it can be difficult to maintain a professional image. There are ways to mitigate risk while making every pound count! By using a Virtual Office, you can have the impression of occupying a prestigious prime location office at 10-20% of the cost because you are sharing the overhead with other businesses. With Virtual Offices, you can sign up for an address, a telephone number, and have a receptionist personally answer and transfer your calls to you so you can prioritise your work and be prepared for each call. All of your faxes and your mail can be forwarded to you and you can have access to meeting rooms and hotdesk space if you don’t need a whole permanent office for your company. Virtual Offices also have options for growth – eventually your company will prosper and when it does, you can have the opportunity to take up permanent serviced office space on the premises or to add employees to your package.

Having your client facing operations in impeccable order is important because clients may feel more comfortable working with someone who looks quite established and accomplished. A great central London address and telephone number is also very powerful to anchor your webpage, whether it be as a main address or as an international branch for companies trying to startup on a worldwide scale.

Really, people starting businesses should seriously consider the options and flexibility associated with a virtual office. It is a complete toolkit to help you get on your feet quickly and gives you what you need to forge ahead of your competitors.


Thursday, 16 April 2009

Virtual Offices - Cost Cutting for Entrepreneurs

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Today I want to mention how a Virtual Office really is part of an essential start-up and small business tool kit. This is Part One - about the cost savings associated with a Virtual Office.

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. They have a dream or an idea and they have the personal confidence and enough know-how to run with it! People are losing their jobs and opting to start their own companies to support themselves. This is as risky a time as ever to begin a new company, especially on your own! You know you need money to make money and at a time like this, finances need to be stretched as far as possible.

When you are starting out with the intention to impress your clients, you need an office, which in the city of London will cost you approximately £15,000 per workstation per year to maintain when you factor in rent, overhead, technology, and telephony costs. Plus, if you want to employ a receptionist to be the face of your business, you will be looking at paying a salary in the ballpark of £18,000 or more per year. Of course, there will be the unexpected expenses for things like fixing and maintaining your office. All of this could be enough to cripple a new business even under the best of conditions!

There are so many benefits to using a Virtual Office. Our prices are competitve and as the original providers in London, The Virtual Office has the best packages to give all you entrepreneurs out there what you need at a price that you can afford. Keep watching this space for next week's advice on how image plays a big part in how you are percieved by your clients and potential clients.


Monday, 6 April 2009

Some People Seem to Have it All!

If you are like me, undoubtedly, you know someone who runs their own home business with the greatest of ease; painting an illusion of the blissful freedom they experience whilst pursuing their life’s passion from their kitchen table.

If this same person’s entire existence seems perfectly orchestrated in every aspect from their impeccable home and family life to their impressive business success, chances are, they have a little secret. They may be using a Virtual Office

Small business owners know that when running a company from home, priorities can be difficult to keep straight. Juggling family, life, and work can create problems that may compromise relationships with clients. By employing the Virtual Office as an aspect of your business strategy, you can maintain your professional image while making time to deal with the most pressing issues of the moment; whether they are business or home related matters.

Nothing can throw a spanner in the works like a phone call you are unprepared for or are unable to deal with at the time. With the Virtual Office, you can have a professional receptionist answer your calls and introduce them to you. If you do not wish to take the call, the client has the chance to leave a message on your personal voicemail after being assured by a real person that the message will be passed on. Your phone will never ring engaged and clients will feel that you are always accessible to them.

You can also advise the office of your daily diary so that you won’t be interrupted with a phone call when you don’t want to be, which gives you the freedom to manage your life and the peace of mind that you will not miss an important call. If you do receive messages when you are unavailable, you will be notified instantly that the message is waiting for you.

Telephone answering and call forwarding are just a few examples of what the Virtual Office provides, as there are also solutions to deal with office space, meeting rooms, prestigious business addresses, hot desking and much more.

So now you know how the other half do it all! In the dog-eat-dog world of business where only the strong survive, why not take every opportunity to make your business the best it can be?