Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Instinct & Planning

According to The Telegraph Online most entrepreneurs rely on instinct to make business decisions.

This is not a surprising statement as it is the general business savvy and passion that drives entrepreneurs to success.

The report, commissioned by T-Mobile, goes on to state that many entrepreneurs are too busy to or even nervous about making positive changes in their business.
This is a saddening side effect of the recession. It shows that some entrepreneurs are overworked and overstretched causing their confidence to falter and their business to suffer.

The unstable economy has driven businesses to cut or downsize the services and employees they introduced to allow them the freedom to grow their business. The sustained fear coupled with the extra work load has damaged creativity and confidence.

However this will not always be the way and when the economy does improve will your business be in a position to make the most of it? Will you have the staff and support available to move quickly and make the most of opportunities?

Finding a balance between instinct and planning will help ensure your business not only survives but is perfectly positioned to thrive when the opportunity presents itself.


  1. No way denying that the recession hurts confidence, but there is always an opportunity out there!

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  3. Proper Planing is the pillar of any business.

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