Thursday, 1 July 2010

How do these changes effect your business?

General opinions of the Mr Osborne's budget are that it recognises the role of small businesses in the continued growth of the economy. The internationally competitive Capital Gains Tax and reduction in Corporation Tax for small businesses both encourage entrepreneurism.

However there are mixed responses to the new immigration laws introducing further restrictions on the number of skilled Non-EU workers entering Britain.
The Virtual Office team is reliant on International English speakers in creating a uniform voice with no regional dialects for our clients. Our small team currently includes British, South African, Australian and Canadian all with excellent telephone voices and extensive customer service experience.

How will this change effect your small business? Do you see it as a positive step to increasing British employment or damaging to your business?


  1. Great points. I think that any virtual office program MUST offer in addition to the above, the features of voicemail to email and fax to email. For anyone working outside of an office this is an invaluable service.

  2. It helps to create impact for your business, project a professional image. Advanced virtual office services add credibility to your business and convenience for your clients.

  3. Choosing a virtual office can lead to a great reduction in mental stress that would otherwise be caused within an office, and often provides individuals with more chances for physical activity throughout the day as well.